We are not the problem, 
  but we can be the solution.
We are alive and have the right to live.
Live as we choose.
Without someone telling us how all the time.
I am tired of breathing all the poison air that
  society spouts out all over.
We have the right not to be ridiculed.
We have the right not to be judged.
You don't have to understand fully,
  but least try a little empathy.
All I want is a soft shoulder to cry on.
Someone to let me bend their ear.
Not asking for too much.
I for one am going to stand my ground.
Right here is where I will make my stand.
The final stand if need be.
I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it 
  any more!
Why should I have to in the first place?
I have a heart, I have a brain, I have a soul.
Why must you keep trying to break me 
  all the time?
Do you even realize?
I have feelings, I have emotions.
Sure they're not working too well.
But they're still valid.
Am I not allowed a point-of-view?
Just like everyone else?
I just want you to listen.
You just might learn something.
It hurts so very much when I hear your
  hateful words.
But then again, I'm not allowed to feel; am I?!
We are forced to live underground.
We are forced to live in silence.
Oh how silence screams in my mind!
It's deafening.
Silence is what kills.
Our blood is on your hands.
This world is so uncaring.
So arrogant, it becomes ignorance.
I will say it to your face: 
Here I stand, I will be noticed.
I will be counted.
I cannot and will not be ignored!
NO! Not any more.
I am not going anywhere!
Here I am, willing to put up a fight.
See the burning in my eyes?
Solid is my resolve.
And you haven't seen anything yet!


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