I dream of a day where there is no oppression.
None are ridiculed for what and who they are.
Where none live in fear.
None live with the silence so deafening.
I dream of a world where there is no stigma.
No hate, no judgement, no more blame.
I dream of a world of love and truth.
Where we love others as ourselves.
Where we put the interests of others 
  before our own selves.
I dream of a world where we stand tall.
Where there is no segregation.
We can co-exist.
With no fighting, no murder, no suicide acts.
I dream of a world where religion is dead 
  and buried.
Where there is peace on earth.
No in-fighting.
Where love truly reigns over us all.
I dream of a world where I can serve
  and worship my God as I see fit.
No one questions me for such.
No one judges me for the same.
Where not even I do as I see in the world 
  around me.
I want to be a friend to all without mistrust.
I dream of a world where I no longer feel hurt 
  or pain.
Where I am my own best friend instead of
  my own worst enemy.
The shackles that bind me are loosed.
And my mind is in one piece and I know 
  peace of mind.
This is the world I dream of.
Can we? We can!


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  1. Who wonders, can we? Who believes we can?!!! I for one, do!


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