I am just a man.
Just trying to make his way through life.
Just walking on through this night.
That seems to go on forever.
Right through the horizon.
I know what is right and wrong.
But I'm not always able to separate the two.
The thin line gets blurred quite often.
I just want to live and let live.
I don't need anything coming down on me.
But it's everything that always comes down
  on me.
I look for a way out but it's difficult for me.
The world is a fog for me.
A thorn in my side.
I can feel the blood seep from the open wound.
But I just cannot give up hope.
For it's all I have left in this life.
Without it I would have done myself in 
  a long time ago.
Hope is what I still hold onto. 
Even through all the hurt, the pain, 
  and the harms I have inflicted on myself.
And those afflictions perpetrated by others.
I have many footprints all over my back.
And many knives stick out of it.
I can't reach around to pull any of them out.
Still I hold on, I hold out.
Remembering that hope has never let me down,
  even when all others did.
All I curse is the darkness in me.
My own greatest enemy.
A war that's lasted on down through the ages.
A losing battle it is.
Mad at the world, mad at myself.
I have grown so very weary.
My body aches.
My strength has waned.
I just don't have the spirit to continue.
But still I hear that familiar whisper 
  in my mind.
That still, small voice.
"Don't give up now, give it one more try."
And so try I do.
That hope still remains.
Lifting me up.
Pushing me forwards.
Keeping me pressing on.
That is the hope I hold onto.
Let me reiterate, that hope has never let me 
I'm just a simple, ordinary man.
But I've seen the extraordinary.
I've seen hope rise.
I've seen love grow.
I've seen salvation.
I'm just a man trying to make his way
  the best he can.
Holding onto hope constantly.


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