I curse the darkness.
I curse the darkness in me.
I curse all that hurts and harms me.
I have partaken of the bread of shame.
I choked it all down.
I hate what I am.
I hate how I am.
I curse it all.
I curse this hell that I am living.
I curse my dead life.
I have drank from the pool of pity.
I could feel its' poison course through me.
I am anger.
I am rage.
I am wrath.
I curse the beast in me.
I curse the curse that I am.
I curse all the pain and sorrow.
I curse my suffering.
Affliction is on me.
Damned not to die, but damned to live.
I curse my life.
I curse every breath that I take.
I curse my very being.
I curse my measure in life.
There is no more.
Empty hands, empty heart, empty soul.
With my own blood on myself.
I curse it all.
I curse all that it has been brought upon me.
It's killing me.
I'm killing me.
I curse myself.


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