I don't want to hear that there's hope.
I already know that.
It's that I just don't care.
How's that going to help me right now?
Right now is where I am.
Broken, bleeding out, tears flowing.
Don't tell me it's all going to work out.
I just don't believe it right now.
I don't want you to try and help me.
There is no helping me.
I don't want it.
There are no easy answers to my questions.
So don't even bother.
Keep your inspiring quotes to yourself.
Beautiful passages are not for me right now.
It's so easy for you to say.
But I don't want to hear it.
Besides you just don't know what 
  you're talking about.
Everything you say is so out of context.
You'll just have to excuse my attitude right now.
And keep yours to yourself.
You're not helping any.
Leave me alone.
Just leave me.
I don't your help or any help for that matter.
Leave me in peace as I wrestle with myself.
I know you have well meaning intentions.
But the road to hell is paved
  with good intentions.
And I don't care about your intentions.
I don't want them.


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