The breeze comes and goes.
No one knows where from.
No one knows where to.
It comes as it likes and leaves just the same.
The sun sets.
The sun rises.
Yet, it never moves.
The jealous moon shines with a light not its' own.
The stars dot the night sky.
But they are light years away, untouchable.
The clouds move through the skies 
   with imagined shapes.
All flowers, trees, bushes, grass and weeds grow
   deceivingly unseen.
The birds fly on invisible air.
The universe partially exists in visible sight,
   ever expanding, unseen.
The planets inhabiting said universe all move
   as they will.
The Earth turns, taken for granted.
Life continues, 'round and 'round.
With the ever passing moment ever passing.
Time creeps on with no one paying it
   any attention.
Leaving us wondering where all that time went.
Oh how we miss those years long gone by.
Never paying any heed while they were with us.
Then there is history that seems to repeat itself.
Cursing us as we spin 'round trapped in a never
   ending vicious cycle.
And the accounts of historical things or acts;
   did they really happen as recorded?
Still Man exists.
Doing what we want.
Paying no never mind to the consequences.
But, oh how we whine when faced with them.
As with everything we govern by choices 
   and decisions.
Still ignoring the consequences.
All exists as always.
Doing as it wills.
Led by, no one knows.
Never wondering or questioning why,
   when, where, how, or even who.
Just blindly accepting everything being
   just as it should be.
As we all move on, ceaselessly.
With an end really just being a beginning.


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