I see you there hiding in your room.
I see the tears that fall and absorb into your 
I see the tear stains there.
Your tears are my tears as well.
My heart breaks when your heart breaks.
I know you.
I see you.
I feel you.
I am here with you.
I am holding you.
I am loving you.
Close your eyes, then you'll see me.
Turn your red eyes to me.
Let me wipe the tears.
Let me dry your eyes.
Give me all your hurt and pain.
I can heal all your harms.
Give me all your burdens.
I can take them all away.
I can pick you up and carry you too.
I am one who loves you dearly.
I am one who cherishes you.
May be that I am the only one.
But, I am also the only one you really need.
Here, take my hand, see the scar there 
   in my wrist.
I too, have suffered greatly.
You can trust me.
I will give you hope to live again.
Come to me child, my arms are always open
   for you.
I will hold you tight, I will never let you go.
Hold onto me, I will never let you down.
You can believe in me.
I will always be there.
Always there, there with you.
You can always call on me,
   I am never far.
Remember, I am always there, there with you.
Holding you, comforting you, loving you
   as only I can.
Look for me, I am right there beside you.
Dear child, do not cry, I love you always.
You are loved.
You are never alone.
You are never forgotten or forsaken.
I alone truly understand.
I am within your heart.
My heart is yours to keep, for now and always.
Just lean on me.
I will hold you up.
I will never, ever let you fall.
Look for me.
Look to me.
Child, my child, I love you more than all
   Heaven and Earth.
I will move all Heaven and Earth 
   just for you.
I am there.
I see you.
I feel you.
I know you.
I love you.
I love you.



  1. So sensitive... I like it very much!

    1. Thank you, Jesus gave this to me to share.

  2. Anonymous11/4/13 15:51

    Wow, I love it. I wish I had somebody who said that to me and meant it.

    1. I don't know if you're a Christian, but, you do have Someone who dearly loves you, and when Jesus says "I love you" you can trust 100% that He means it.


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