I can hear your voice, cold and harsh.
You're in my mind.
You have a tight grasp upon me.
I can feel your talons dig deeper into my flesh.
I fight to keep control.
But, more and more it grows more difficult.
Lucid moments grow farther apart.
I can feel my heart and soul cracking.
The pressure is growing immense.
You have me on my knees.
You push my face into the mud and mire.
You squeeze slow.
You squeeze tight.
I cannot breathe.
I have to fight for every last breath.
Tears flow freely.
But, through those tears I can still see 
   a dim light.
And the little fight left in me grows in ferocity.
I will stand.
I will break you.
I will burn you off me.
As long as I am still alive I will resist you.
You have no hold on me.
You hold nothing over me.
I expel you from my mind.
I take back what's mine.
Lucidity slowly returns to me.
I will silence you.
You just stand there, laughing.
I will smack that smile right off 
   your contorted face.
This is my life.
This is my mind.
You cannot have me.
You cannot ever have me.
Although sometimes vague and shrouded
   in darkness.
There is always a strength deep within me.
I will always fight back against your 
   attempted hostile takeovers.
I am me and I mean to stay me.
You are moot!


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