Guards were placed at the tomb of Jesus.
The high priest feared Christ's disciples stealing 
   His body during the night.
The two Marys went home to sleep.
During the night an angel of the Lord appeared
   at Christ's tomb.
Suddenly there was a loud bang, and the great 
   stone broke apart.
The guards were so afraid they fainted.
In the morning the two Marys returned to stand 
   vigil, for today was the third day.
Upon arriving they were shocked to find the stone
   lying in pieces on the ground 
    in front of the tomb.
Upon entering they  found it barren except for
   the blood stained linen Jesus had been 
    wrapped in.
 And two men standing just off to the side.
Their robes gleamed like lightning.
They asked,  "Why do you look for Jesus here?
He is risen!
He has gone before you to Galilee and will see
   you there."
The two Marys rushed off to Galilee 
   to where His disciples were staying.
They told them of what they had seen and heard.
A few doubted, Thomas being one.
Then in the open doorway a shining bright 
   figure appeared.
The figure that stepped out of the light 
   was Jesus.
Bearing scars on each wrist and on each ankle 
   and one on His right side.
He held out both hands, smiled and said:
   "Do not be afraid for I am risen as I said 
     I would."
Even Thomas lost his doubts.
Jesus then said: "I am leaving for now,
   but, fear not, I will be returning soon"
Jesus then added, "When I leave, the promised 
   Comforter will come upon you all, 
    do not be afraid it is the Holy Spirit of God."
With that Jesus disappeared in a cloud.
Then everything began to shake 
   and a mighty rushing wind forced its' way 
    through the narrow doorway.
As it swirled around each one gathered there.
Flames appeared in place of the roaring wind.
The roaring became all the louder, 
   and the flames began to swirl 
    around each person.
Then began to dance over each person's head.
Then all the flames were gone.
Each person there became enraptured.
Shouting for joy, "Jesus Christ our Lord has
And they were filled with the Holy Spirit.
They all then departed to go their separate ways.
To follow Christ's directions, to make disciples 
   of all nations.
Christ came, He saw, He died, He arose.
The world had been changed forever.



  1. Keep writing and go make some disciples for Jesus!

    1. Thank you, already doing my best in my own way.


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