Blood flowed from his wounds.
Mixed with His tears.
Barely able to stand and support His own weight.
He was forced to carry the trees 
   for His own cross.
Ridiculed all of the way.
A crown fashioned out of large thorns 
   was shoved onto His brow.
He was still bleeding so much that the ground
   where He and the soldiers were standing 
     became red with His blood.
His already battered and beaten body 
   had the bones in His arms and legs broken.
He was then placed onto the crossed trees
   and was then nailed through each of His
    wrists and ankles.
Once the cross was raised His broken body
   began to hang low as He slowly began
    to suffocate to death.
Jesus cried out once, "Father why have you
    forsaken me?"
Jesus cried out again, "Father forgive them
   for they are ignorant."
Jesus cried out a third time, "Father 
   I commend my soul unto thee."
With that, His head lifted up and back
   and cried out with a mighty cry,
His head then dropped and 
   He breathed no more.
His corpse was then carefully taken down
   from the cross and neatly wrapped 
    in linen.
He was carried from the place called 
Taken to a borrowed tomb, His corpse was
    placed within.
Out of fear of His body being stolen and
   His followers proclaiming He had risen.
The elders of the law had a great stone 
   place in front of the entrance 
    to the tomb, sealing it.
To be continued...


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