Looking at you.
I was seeing nothing.
Empty, dark pools of death.
You were poison.
I don't know why I kept breathing you.
You choked me.
You tore me apart.
Ripped my heart right out of me.
Leaving a gaping hole inside.
You once took my breathe away.
Now I just suffocate.
Still breathing you.
I convulse, I quake.
You're still poison.
I am haunted by the memory of you.
You still have your talons dug into my soul.
There's still salt in my open wounds.
Your final words still sting something fierce.
Thinking of you I taste the bitterness.
You used to be so sweet.
I think you were lying to me.
And I believed you!
Brainwashed, you sucked me in.
I must have been an easy target.
Label me "fool".
To fall for someone like you.
'Cause I knew right from the start.
You were always so transparent.
But I chose to follow you down anyway.
Now a piece of me has died.
A piece that cannot ever be replaced.
Leaving me unable to love.
Even unable to love myself.
Because I cannot forgive myself.
I cannot forgive you.
Our love was just a lie.
I put the knife I have in my back there.
You were an imaginary friend.
You were an imaginary lover.
Now you are getting away with murder.
My blood's on your hands.
I let you go.
You never returned. 
I bet you never even looked back.
Throwing my broken, useless heart away.
I should have let you go long before anything.
But I just could not help myself.
I was not strong enough to hold myself back.
Oh those eyes!
They still melt me.
But you're not real.
You are dead to me.
You are just a ghost.
Still in my mind.
Still driving me mad.
Still dragging me down.
And I am letting you!
Back to hell with you!
I just want to be free from you.
You still keep me twisting the knife in my back.
Is there any hope for me?
Is there any help for me?
Will I ever be free?
Your poison is still coursing all through me.
I saw nothing in your eyes.
I could only see a hollow soul.
But oh! Those eyes!


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