I live in hard times.
I live in a cold, cold world.
People only live for themselves.
They do what they want.
No matter who gets hurt along the way.
Just another step to so-called success.
Empty, empty are they.
All they aspire to is hollow.
This is where I exist.
I'm told to co-exist.
But, how can I with all this?
I don't want any part of their so-called
   better life.
The grass on the other side I see is dead.
I do my best to live my own life.
I just get pulled and pushed down.
And walked upon.
In this life I am dead.
I can't say I disagree.
With all that I try to carry.
The burdens that weigh me down.
Keeping my head 'neath the crashing waves.
I just need to come up for air 
   for a second or two, or more.
I just want to live.
But life is killing me.
This world leaves me cold and shivering.
Left out in the open naked.
It's no wonder I feel so hopeless, so helpless.
Where can I go when there's nowhere to go?
What can I do when there's nothing I can do?
Who can I turn to when there's no one?
I'm alone and crying.
Drowning in my own caustic tears.
I don't want to live here.
'Cause here is dead and dying.
I fear I will follow.
And that is just not for me.
I want to live...no matter how hard times get.
I want to live...no matter how cold 
   this world gets.
I won't live with the negative ones.
I won't live with the selfish ones.
I won't live with the hopeless or helpless.
I want more.
I deserve more.
I will rise above what pulls at me.
As I do I will watch the world spiral out of 
I will not follow it down.
They're heading into an open grave.
I want to live.
I want to live my own life.
Acceptance or permission is not required.
I will not negotiate, this is my life!
I will live!
No matter where life leads.
I walk my own path.
Alone if need be.
Where the world leads I will not go after.
I've already done my time in hell.
I will not do it all over again.
I will live forever and a day.
No one and nothing is going to stop me.
If you are not going to help then 
   just get out of my way.
I will continue to live in these hard times.
I will continue to live in this cold, cold world.
But as life comes to end I will begin again.
As this world passes away I will keep on still.
Then rest will be mine at long last.
I just want to hear: "Well done 
   good and faithful servant, enter."


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