So very far away, and yet, so very close.
You are right here with me.
Right here, right now.
I am never really alone.
You are in my life.
You gave me life.
You are my life.
I am lost without You.
And I am nothing apart from You.
I love how You love me.
It's a crying shame that I cannot do the same.
I am far from perfect.
I will still try to do my best.
For that is what You deserve.
And I am so grateful for all that You do in me,
   as well for me.
I don't deserve it, none of it.
I have my wanderlust that I just cannot control.
I wonder too much.
I often get away with myself.
That is when I tend to lose myself.
But, that is also when You move all Heaven
   and Earth just to find me.
My heart is Yours.
My heart is with You.
And where my heart is, that is my home.
Wrapped in Your arms.
Held by the very same hands that hold 
   the whole world.
You are so high above me.
Still, You know me.
Just a single speck of dust.
My Saviour, You saved me.
Your love was right on time.
I belong with You.
I belong to You.
No other place do I want to be.
No other one do I want to be with.
Such as I am, I am Yours.



  1. Wow, that's some amazing talent!

  2. Thank you John, God has truly blessed me.


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