You ripped my innocence from me.
You took my life from me.
You took my mind and fragmented it.
Crushing my spirit.
Shattered my heart.
I can hear you all the time.
I don't understand myself any more 
  because of you.
I don't even know myself any more.
You have wrapped me up in your chains.
You are inside of me.
You're underneath my skin.
Your noise is endless.
You make me angry.
You fill me up with your hate.
You are my sorrow.
You are my despair.
You are my hopelessness.
I am suffering.
I am racked with pain because of the poison 
  you are.
I am diseased.
I am toxic.
Call me a bio-hazard.
Have me quarantined.
Separate me, segregate me.
Send me down a deep dark pit.
Lock me there, throw away the key.
Let me sink deeper within myself.
As I lose lucidity.
You laugh at what you've done.
I no longer exist.


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