The cries within remain forever silent.
My tears pull me under.
I swallow, I choke.
I go to where none will follow.
I hide myself there.
I cherish the silence.
My only companion.
Even though I am slowly dying.
I am hollow.
I am empty.
Without substance.
Anger and rage are all that sustain me.
But they're why I slowly die.
I gave up caring a long, long time ago.
Abandoned and forsaken.
Never atoned.
Redeemed only to fall to the wayside.
Salvation was just another lie.
You do not see me.
You do not care about me.
I would kill you if I could.
But I will kill myself instead.
The piety of you and those like you are
  what have driven me here.
Separated and quarantined.
This is my isolation. 
This is my choice.
So go on without me.
Leave me to rot and decay.
It's what I want.


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