I can feel the cold of the darkness
  you have brought.
I shiver from it.
Naked and alone.
My tears freeze my eye lids shut.
I am blind.
Darkness in darkness.
I feel your icy fingers wrap 'round my neck.
Choking and suffocating.
I go limp in your grasp.
I never could put up a fight.
I'm just not strong enough anyway.
Your horrible laughter echoes in my ears.
Driving me even more mad.
You have ripped out my heart. 
Tearing apart my soul.
Then fracturing my mind.
I am left here.
So cold and bitter.
I sink even deeper into madness.
I sink even deeper into myself.
A victim now, a victim always.
With no hope of salvation.
I might as well give up.
Then again, there's nothing to give up.
I have grown so weary.
I have not will any more.
I desire not to continue on.
I am already left here alone.
Leave me to die alone.
Bury me not in the cold ground.
Shed not a tear for me.
I am gone, there's no returning from this hell.
My torment is complete.
My life a horror.
Slice me open and let me bleed.
Let me bleed what's left of me out.
Regrets, broken promises, wasted years.
I die not now, for I have been dead 
  for all of my life already.


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