I was always a fighter.
No one could put me down.
I would bend but never broke.
Then one day I just stopped.
I just gave up.
It occurred to me.
I was damaged
I was just causing myself more damage.
I could no longer get back up.
And I had broken into little pieces.
I hold in my bloodied hands the fragments
  of my mind.
The anger within me grew and continued to.
I just don't understand.
Whatever happened to cause this to happen?
Maybe I'm just evil.
All I know, this is just too much for me.
Too much for this fragmented mind to comprehend.
This isn't where I want to be.
This isn't how I want to be.
This is not who I want to be!
So I just give up.
There is no hope for me.
The whole world is against me.
So what am I to do?
I can't run away.
There's nowhere for me to go.
I might as well end it.
Here and now.
Scratch the lines that will release all the pressure.
Fade to grey, then fade to black.
There's no coming back for me.
There's no coming for me.
The bell has rung, I am out.


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