These are dark times.
So many are living in fear.
They are facing so much.
They are going through so much.
Their fear blinds them.
Holds them back.
How are they supposed to live their lives?
If they are not able to.
It's the dark that keeps them oppressed.
Leaving little room for hope.
Hopelessness is killing them.
Sooner or later they will break.
When they do they will fall and fall hard.
Breaking and crumbling into dust.
These are the forgotten.
The forsaken.
They are slipping away.
Down through the cracks cut by the dark.
They cry in silence.
Screaming inside of their minds.
No one is hearing.
Shame on you, it's such a shame.
The light has burned out in these dark times.
Where has love gone?
You have killed love.
You have stabbed hope.
Hope is dying.
Faith has become frozen.
Fear is alive and being fed.
The silence echoes on forever.
Pushing so many over the edge.
Over I have gone.
Those in visible silence have become invisible.
Killed by all that they fear.
You have blood on your hands.
It will not be washed away.
You can no longer pretend.
You can no longer turn a blind eye.
You have betrayed yourselves 
  with your arrogance.
Your arrogance has made you ignorant again.
You have gotten away with murder 
  for far too long.
You will be held accountable.
You are breathing in your own poison.
You are toxic and hazardous.
Judge and jury.
In a kangaroo court.
Not one should be imprisoned within themselves.
Out of sight, out of mind.
So you can feel better about you.
You are better off for it.
You are believing a lie.
You have now killed the truth.
We are drowning.
We are sinking.
We are going down.
Down into a sea of tears.
A sea of forgotten faces.
You live but you are dead.
We are the ones expected to love and forgive.
Something unknown and foreign.
Truely these are dark times as the light is 


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