You will never see me.
You are in the way.
You call me on my sins.
You judge me.
You cut me down.
Can't you see yourself?
Can't you hear what you are saying?
I am feeling the hate.
I am feeling the anger.
What did I ever do to you?
You just do not seem to care.
You are hurting me.
You are damaging me.
And at the same time you're doing the same 
  to yourself.
I feel sorry for you.
You just do not know.
As you put me down.
You put yourself down.
Why do you hate yourself so much?
That you feel you have to hate me even more.
You are only hurting yourself.
It must hurt alot.
To treat yourself that way.
You can dump all on me if you want.
But you are still going to be the one
  who is buried.
You can spit your poison at me all you want.
But you will still be the one who becomes sick.
I cannot help you.
Only you can do that.
Just stop taking it all out on me.
Doing so won't make you feel any better.
It will just make you feel worse as it all 
  consumes you.
I would hate to be you right now, but I have my 
  own anger and hate to fight with.
Go your own way.
I will go my own.
Maybe someday we will meet again.
May we be all the better.
May we be able to love and forgive again.


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  1. As one hates and is angry so too he will only see it on another not one's own self. It's a vicious cycle, but can be broken. As one chooses to hate one too can choose to love. Starting with one's own self.


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