You'd choke me if you could.
Suffocate me if you could.
You wrap me up in your deceit.
Pushing your lies down my throat.
You are chains 'round me wrists.
You imprison me.
You are darkness.
You are cold.
I do not believe in you.
I hate you.
I want nothing to do with you.
Judge me if you want.
Curse me if you must.
You are not my authority.
You are my damnation for sure though.
I do not bow to you.
I do not revere you in the slightest.
I will not obey your commandments.
I will see you fall.
I will see you revealed for what you are.
You are Hell on Earth.
You are death come alive.
You are the grave that will swallow many
  who go willingly.
They cannot see through the veil blinding them
  to the reality you'd have them not see.
I can see through all that you try to put over me.
It's a crying shame that so many choose not to 
  see what is before them plain to see.
I am called the liar.
I am branded the heretic.
For only speaking the truth.
I knew I would be persecuted.
Nothing will make me step into line.
I will not be lead into the bottomless pit.
I look only to the One who defeated the grave.
I will only believe and follow Him.
One Master, one Father in Heaven.
Only one Way, only one Truth, only one Life.
You are not it!
You are death and destruction.
With all your piety.
With all your traditions.
With all your ceremonies and rites.
You pray to the dead.
I will only pray to the One who arose
  and is still reigning in Heaven.
Only to God is the honour and the glory.
Forever and ever, amen!


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