I feel so out of place here.
I feel so alone and afraid.
I don't belong here.
No one wants me here.
I don't want to be here.
Why am I here.
I didn't choose this place.
It feels like Hell to me.
Where I am constantly tortured and tormented.
There is nothing here for me.
Someone take me away from here.
I want so badly to get out of here.
Why does no one hear me?
Why does no one care?
Why does no one see?
Someone please, just make this end.
I can't take being the stranger all the time 
  any more.
I'm going to get out of here one way or the other.
I will take my own way out.
I won't even say good-bye.
Forget about me? forget about you!
I don't need this, I don't want this.
I want out.
If no one is going to listen then I'll stop talking.
If no one is going to care then neither will I.
This is my last resort I might as well take it.
No good-byes.
I am nothing, I will leave nothing.
I don't belong here anyway.
There is just nothing for me here so I will accept
  the nothing that is coming.
I'd carve my name in a tree but 
  I was never here in the first place.


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