This isn't going to be easy.
No one ever said it would be.
I just wish it wasn't always so hard.
So weary, with no time to rest now.
I can't sit back and watch everything
  go rushing by.
As it wills.
But my grip is weak.
I feel as though I can't hold on.
I'm only grasping empty air anyway.
I'm tired of getting hit in the face by life.
To me, life has become one big hurt.
But I must pick up, get up, and carry on, 
  press on.
The ground is unstable.
My footing unsure.
My hands and knees are bloodied from falling
  all the time.
But hope always whispers to me, 
  telling me to give it one more try.
Although bloody and bruised.
I will rise, no matter what it takes.
No matter how great the pain.
I choke and spit up blood every time.
I am still broken.
Hemorrhaging internally.
Some wounds just won't heal.
Some scars still weep from time from time.
As unbalanced as I am.
I get up, I stand up.
Quite often I get knocked back down.
I never even saw what hit me coming.
I never do, so no surprise there.
Still, I will do my best to walk on.
I have somewhere where I want to be.
I just want to go home.
I just want some peace of mind.
Without losing any more pieces of my mind.
I don't think I am asking much.
But sometimes I just don't know.
I am so grateful for all that I have deep down
  within me.
I know it's not of me.
I know it has come upon me from up on high.
So, I try to keep on keeping on.
Even when down on my scraped knees.
They're becoming calloused anyway.
My heart is still beating.
My heart is breathing.
Expanding and growing stronger.
My soul, although torn, stays together, if for me.
I breathe in deep and up I get, on I go.
I don't care if I am still lagging behind.
I move at my own pace.
It's all I have in me to do.
No one's going to tell me any different.
I will not let them.
Even if they think they're bigger than me.
I won't be bullied or abused any longer.
This time I am fighting back.
Knock me down, I will rise, I will rise, 
  I will rise again. 
You can't keep a good man down for long.
Even when I don't see myself as a good man.
So, here I am.
About to head down a familiar road.
I know I've been here before.
Every time I end, I begin again.
So, here I go....again.


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