My walls often fall in on me.
Oh how I wail and cry.
Woe is me, woe is me.
I miss what is right in front of me.
I am here because of my own doings.
The choices and decisions I made.
I get so weary sometimes.
I feel like all the world is against me.
I get so mad at the world.
When it's actually me I'm mad at.
It's me that I am fighting with.
I have been living with my eyes wide shut.
I have been missing the life I was living.
Even though I was in the middle of it all 
  the whole time.
I  have been blind to myself for way too long.
I have been asleep as my life went on 
  without me.
I would always wake to find I was all alone.
There was no one to blame but myself.
I was sure to let myself know that.
I am always too hard on myself.
It's no wonder I am where I am.
I have been my own worst enemy.
It's time for me to wake up.
Open up my eyes wide.
It's time I started living.
One heartbeat, one breath at a time.


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