There is one who always sticks to my side 
  like glue.
She lifts me when I am down.
She watches out for me.
After everything she still loves me.
She forgives without any thought.
She's a glaring light in my dark, dark world.
She shines like a honey golden angel.
My heart, my soul, my sweetest.
She makes my life full.
And when I don't or can't she loves enough
  for the both of us.
To me she is beauty defined.
The very meaning of love.
And love incarnated.
I love her with all I can, with all that I am,
  and with who I am.
I can never repay her love for me.
Then again, she probably doesn't expect it.
She just wants one thing from me.
That I love her in return, I can do that!
She saved me, just by loving me.
What more can I ask for?
When I have all and everything.
She's my Somewhere.


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