I am the fallen.
My halo is tarnished, my wings are broken.
I am clothed in dirty rags.
Life is blind to me.
I let go of it a long time ago.
Just a fool living a foolish life.
Just call me never was.
I crashed and burned when I fell.
I was wreckage.
Thrown into a dark pit, then crushed.
I have never known who I am.
I lost myself on my way down.
My name is prodigal.
My heart is one of fear.
My soul torn apart.
My mind fragmented.
I have fallen deep within myself.
My own living hell.
The place I call home.
I have let go of hope.
Despair carries me.
I only know the cold of  darkness.
On the edge, I think to myself, six feet down
  doesn't seem that far down.
I keep wondering when will it be the end for me.


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