You have an iron grip on this world.
You think you are the god over it.
I hear the lies you spread.
They are poison and everyone swallows it all.
People never question your false authority.
They follow your commandments blindly.
They worship you as if you were a god.
To me it's sickening.
It fills me with anger.
As you lead so many down your path laid out,
  one that leads straight to Hell.
You are a false idol.
You are a false god.
I pay no heed to you.
I will not bow before you.
I will not call you holy.
You are not my father or my rabbi.
There is only One who is the Father and
  only One called Master.
I call all you say and do empty and hollow.
I stand against you.
For you serve a dark god.
Your religion is a lie.
I do not believe in you.
Your religion is dead and leads to death.


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