You have always been there for me.
When I needed someone the most.
There You were.
Right there, right on time.
Your love was always right on time.
You always knew when I needed saving.
You were there to save me from myself.
No questions asked.
You just held out Your hand.
There were always tears in Your eyes.
I always knew I was the reason why.
Still You always came for me.
Moving all Heaven and Earth.
You had to leave the ninety-nine
  just to come for this one.
But come You always did.
You never cared where I had wandered,
  or why I had wandered away.
You just wanted to take me into Your open arms.
And carry me away to where I belonged.
I needed You then and I still need You.
Right now, right here.
That's where You are.
Holding me in Your loving embrace.
No matter where I'd been and what I said or did.
After all the grief I caused You.
You still love me enough.
To come when I need someone the most.
Right here, right where I am.
Right on time as always.


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