I let you go.
It doesn't matter why.
You let me go.
It doesn't matter why.
I miss those times.
I miss your company.
I miss you.
But life got in the way.
As it always does.
It doesn't care.
It's what it does.
It doesn't matter any more.
The wounds you cut into me have now 
  become scars.
It still doesn't matter any more.
Sometimes I still find myself wondering.
Where did you go?
I guess I didn't matter either.
Was it my fault?
Was it your fault?
There are no answers for these questions.
There never will.
It doesn't matter any more anyway.
I just want to know one thing.
Do you ever find yourself wondering about me?
Not that it matters.
The two lost souls that had found each other
  lost each other.


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