I can see a flame burning bright 
  in this driving rain.
I can see a flame burning bright
  in the light of the sun.
I'm not there yet, but one day, I will get there.
And I know You will never let go of me
  or let me down.
I can feel You in the dark and in the light.
You are with me always.
Even in the calm and through the storms.
OH, Your voice comforts and soothes me.
I will take solace in You.
Your Name is etched on my heart.
I am Yours alone.
I can hear Your whispers.
I can hear Your shouts.
I will fall in to You.
You will absorb me.
As You penetrate me, saturating my every cell.
This lost soul has found You.
And You have found this lost soul.
For You came for me, just one.


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