I dread the nightfall.
I dread the biting cold.
I am blind.
I fear what is hidden.
And only reveals itself in shadow.
There is no shelter.
There is no hide.
Out in the open, shivering violently.
Without cover, I stand naked.
It always rains.
Driving, surging, pushing, pulling me under.
There is only desperation and despair.
I trust no one and nothing.
With trust there are lies and betrayal.
Bringing the absence of light.
I am encircled, surrounded.
I await the attack.
But it never comes.
I think the preference here is that I suffer.
Tormented and tortured by my own imagination.
Still I can see a faint ray of light.
Far off in the distance.
Giving me some small hope.
I hope for some kind of solace.
I can hear a still and small voice.
Whispering to my heart to keep on.
To keep on pushing.
To keep on fighting.
To never give up.
Keep giving it one more try.
Although afraid of exposing myself.
I move out and onward.
Starting the journey I am meant to take.
As I draw closer to the light I begin to feel again.
And my will and strength returns.
Giving me hope in the coming dawn.
As night falls so too the dawn rises.
Casting off the dark of night.
Casting away all shadows.
Fear begins to fade away.
As hope rises in me.
I will fear no more.
The darkness will fall.
But I will stand.
My light is the fire burning in my soul and heart.
That roaring fire is the Spirit given to me.
Where I was alone and scared before.
I now know strength and courage.
I am not alone.
One goes before me.
One watches my back.
One walks my flanks.
I am surrounded.
I have now shelter.
I have come into refuge.
Fear has melted away.
No harm can come to me.
I can now be assured.
Still I can see the dark of the night.
It is held back by the light in me.
Once silent.
Once dying.
Now I stand with my voice as my sword.
I will be counted.
I  am now the one to fear.
With my full armour on I will storm
  the very gates of Hell.
I do not fear evil anymore.
Evil will fear me now.
The death that is evil has become
  the only mortal now.


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