I look for a way out.
But my eyes are covered.
The noise in my mind is deafening.
I am losing control.
I am coming undone.
My heartstrings are becoming frayed.
The sky is falling down on me.
Everything has become dust.
I am standing in the ashes of my life.
My tears draw lines on my marred face.
I am down on bloodied knees.
Head in bloodied hands.
All of this is just too much for me.
I haven't the will to continue.
I am just too weary.
I haven't the strength to fight.
I am alone, everyone's deserted me.
Naked and cold out in the driving rain.
I look to the skies.
Is there anyone there?
Does anyone even care?
Or am I too insignificant?
Am I too small to pay any notice?
I am crying out.
I am hoping with what hope I have left.
I know it's not very much.
But's all I have.
Please, someone save me.
Save me from all this.
Save me from myself.


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