I don't even want to think about where 
  I'd be without You.
When I was alone You were there.
When I was lost You found me.
When I came crashing down.
You picked me up and put me back together.
When I was imprisoned.
You set me free.
For my whole life only You truely cared for me.
Only You truely loved me.
 As it does remain, to this very day.
Still, I am prone to wander.
Wondering what I can find on my own.
When will I learn?
I never do find anything.
When I turn to go back home.
There You are waiting for me.
Tears flowing down your cheeks.
I am just a man.
I hurt You, it's what I do.
It's my dark nature that leads me away.
I am cursed.
With no one to blame except me.
As I fight to love and forgive myself.
You already have.
You have taken every one of my tears,
  accounting for every single one.
You deserve more from me.
I do not deserve You and Your loving grace.
As I am.
You are the very opposite.
Loving in all You do, all You do for me.
You were always there.
When I needed You, and even when I thought
   I didn't.
You and Your love were always on time.
I'd be nothing, and never was without You in my life.
I am just not strong enough on my own.
I just cannot make it on my own.
You are all I have.
You are all I need.
And, Oh, how I need You.
Here I am waiting for You.
I am hurting again.
I need You to comfort me.
To tell me: "I love you, son, it's going to be okay."
That's all this worn down and worn out heart 
  of mine needs to hear.


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