Wandering through this life.
With no direction.
Aimlessly walking.
Following the nowhere.
This is here.
On the crooked path.
Holding onto hope with all
  that I am.
That may not be much.
But it's all I have.
I constantly gaze at the heavens above.
I am filled with wonder.
With all the questions yet to have any
And when I cannot go on.
When I fall and don't want to
  get back up.
Faith lifts me back to my broken feet.
Faith carries me on.
When I need to find understanding.
Faith is a voice of reason.
But I still haven't found what I am looking for.
So I sojourn on.
My eyes fixed on the horizon.
Watching the stars in my night-time sky.
I feel my hope rise.
My faith move.
This prodigal son will find a place all his own.
A place to call home.
This is what my heart wants.
This is what my soul seeks.
To find rest, to rest assured.
To find peace for my fractured mind.
Please; will You carry me from here?
I haven't the will to continue on.
I haven't the strength to even stand.
All my hope rests with You.
All my faith reaches for You.
Oh Lord, take me far away from here.
Take me far away from me.
Fill this emptiness in me.
Erase all doubt.
You are what I am looking for.
You are what I am reaching for.
I believe I will find me again
  for the first time.
When I find You.
My wanderlust pushes me,
  pulls me still.
I lose sight.
But somehow I know You have not
  of me.
So, where do I go from here?


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