I have become so tired.
My will to continue is waning.
My tears have frozen my eyes shut.
I find myself down on my hands and knees.
My raw and bloody hands and knees.
You can read the fear on my face.
Despair my constant companion.
I lay down to die.
As I slide into my grave.
I just cannot take any more.
My cries have gone unanswered 
  for too long.
My strength has let me down once again.
Just let me sleep now.
Let me hide my head beneath it all.
I do not want any more.
Let me go now.
Put me down now.
Cancel this life.
I do not want this miserable existence.
This forsaken existence.
I am so far gone.
Blessings are now my curse.
Barbs wrap 'round my heart.
Thorns pierce my soul.
I am no longer me.
I have lost myself.
The fire in me has burnt
  itself out.
Ashes have fallen down.
The embers have become cold, frozen.
This is my conclusion.
This is my end.
No more pages to turn.
Close me now.
Place me up out of the way.
And forget about me.


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