I can hear you screaming.
You are inside my head.
You have me in your claws.
You are the beating of my heart.
You are the poison I am swallowing.
You are the toxic air I am breathing.
You are coursing through my veins.
Your grip on me is complete.
I am yours.
I am you.
You are me.
I am choking.
I am suffocating.
I am bleeding from within.
I am crumbling.
I will succumb.
You are the cracking of my mind.
The tearing of my heart.
The death of my soul.
You are the closing of the gallows.
The battening of  the hatches.
And the taking of the sails in the
  roaring winds.
You have opened me up.
Turned me inside out.
Sucking me dry.
There is gnashing of the bones.
Ripping of the flesh.
And gouging of the eyes.
Cast me off.
Leave me to die.
Think of me no more.
I am just a whisper on the breeze.
Just a faded name etched 
  on a stone.
I am a once was
  become a never was.
A spirit lost.

(Scott David Buckley-11/04/2012)

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