You cannot see yourself.
Your life is dying.
And you don't even know it.
Do not try to put anything on me.
I do not live your life.
I will not accept any blame.
I am not the cause here.
The burden of responsibility is not
Take it all in.
I know you will choke as you swallow.
You are the snake trying to devour
  a deer.
It's going to be your demise.
All I can do is watch and pray.
This time it's all up to you.
As it always has been.
Don't take anything for granted.
For it will always come back 
  down on you.
I will cry for you no more.
As you go your own way.
Alone and scared.
I know this all too well.
For I was once you.
I will not tell you which way to go.
It is for you to find.
I just pray you find it before 
  it's too late.

(Scott David Buckley-15/04/2012)

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