I feel so cold.
I am frozen within.
Long have the shadows grown.
Darkness has fallen upon me.
I am lost deep inside myself.
I am afraid.
Silence has gripped me tight.
I am suffocating.
My tears are icicles in the corners of my eyes.
They burn, they burn, they burn.
I am alive, I am dead.
I am forsaken.
My pain is tormenting me.
Every waking moment I am tortured.
I am bleeding internally.
There is little to no hope for me.
What hope there is is helpless.
I am nothing and nowhere.
What I was I am again.
And I don't care.
I am too far gone.
I am falling, continually falling.
There is no rock bottom that I can see.
Tell me, where do I go from here?
What am I supposed to do?
God, where are You?
We seem to have been separated.
This isn't what I want, or what I asked for.
I am self deprecating.
I loathe all that I can see in me.
Oh God, take this broken body and grind my bones into dust,
then cast it all into the wind.
And so, here I am.
Alone, all alone.


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