Just look at the state of the world.
See all the smoke and fire.
We all know the world is burning.
I hear about it over and over.
Maybe the sayers should become doers.
Bring all the strongholds down.
If you want to change the world be that change.
Be the light and stop spreading the darkness.
What the world needs right now are encouragers.
There are enough critics.
We all need to see the truth.
And the truth is that there is still hope for this world.
I believe it, oh, I believe it.
There is still love in this world.
Be the voice that screams it all over the world.
The end will come soon enough.
Right now is where we are.
Right now is we are living.
Stop sharing what is dead.
We do not need any more poison spreading.
Our hearts and souls are saturated already.
Bleed ourselves of all that poison.
No rebellion, there's enough hatred in this world already.
No revolution, there's enough anger in this world too.
Revival, revival!
Love is what this world needs more of.
Let the fires of revival burn hot and high.
Burn away all that is black.
Look to the future for renewal.
There is no false hope.
And faith is not blind.
Love is what we need to be looking for.
Instead of something else to bring down.
I see all the fingers pointing.
What is wrong with this world I already know.
So stop telling me.
If you don't like it do something about it.
Love is forgiving and love is for giving.
Attitude is everything and everything begins with you.
Negativity is a slippery slope.
It is a pandemic that has spread all over the world we all know.
Crying about it isn't going to change anything.
There is a cure.
We all need to see that.
Love cures all that ails us.
I believe, oh, I believe!
Look at the state of the world.
Now! Go change it!


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