Down on my knees.
All scraped and bleeding.
I am hunched over.
Breathing comes with labour.
My head is held down.
Arms hang at my sides.
Everything is a blur.
I have reached the point of exhaustion. 
Then I fall over onto my side.
There is just no more fight left in me.
All my strength is gone.
My will has died.
I convulse from the pain.
As I continue to bleed out.
All life is leaving me.
But I don't want to be left like this.
I don't want to go down as I have.
I'm not ready to give up.
I'm not ready to die.
Not just yet.
I roll over, I'm back on my knees.
I hunch over.
Putting knuckles to blood stained ground.
I rise.
I rise.
I stand.
I stand.
My head is held high.
I was down and out.
Now I am up and I'm ready to head back into the fray.
I look around and breathe in.
I close my eyes.
This is a good day.
I am alive.
And I want to live.
Now to walk on.
Now to push forward.
I will carry on.
Holding the course.
I am not afraid.
No one can touch me.
I will push on through.
My resolve is steel solid.
A fire burns hot and bright in my heart.
I will illuminate.
I will radiate.
I was there, now I am here.
I was down, now I am risen.
I was wounded, I was bleeding, now I bear a scar.
I am all the stronger for it.
If I go down again I will get back up again.
Again and again, over and over, if need be.
Bend me, but I cannot be broken.
I will always start from down on my knees.
I will rise.
I will rise.
I will stand.
I will stand.
Onward and upward.


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