Look at all the home fires burning.
And that's not a good thing.
This world has become ash.
Spewing poison into the air.
We're all slowly dying and don't even know it.
No one sees the skies slowly blackening.
There is little hope for this world.
Life just won't slow down.
It's passing us all by.
At break neck speed.
And we are all trying to keep up to its' impossible speed.
Leaving no time for the things that really matter.
Like love and the truth.
What happened to all of us.
We have become our own gods.
Living to serve the self.
I am suffocating.
Everything that I bring up is black.
My heart and soul have become black.
I still believe in hope though.
The faith I have been given keeps me going.
But even I must admit that I am slowing.
It's so hard to go against the flow.
Keeping one's head above the water.
The rip tide is pulling us all down and out.
Never to be seen again.
Oh God, my God.
What happened?
What's going on?
Are You allowing all of this?
I just do not understand why.
I'm having trouble seeing the reason for all of this.
We're killing ourselves.
Everyone dies but it wasn't meant to be like this.
God, I'm having trouble seeing what Your will is amongst all of this.
Man is consuming itself.
What was once beautiful has become all weathered and withered.
There has never been peace on Earth.
But this goes way beyond that.
I cannot help but fall to my knees crying.
Tears trace lines down my marred face.
I hang my head low.
For this is where I am.
This is where I live.
This is my world too.
My life has become broken.
I do not want to admit defeat in all this.
But what choice do I have?
Did I ever have a choice?
I can't help it, but I'm losing hope.
My world is shaking and breaking apart.
I am worn down and worn out.
I try to fight back.
But right now I am wondering what for.
It keeps getting worse with the passing of each day.
Another victim of time.
It's so hard when the moment is ever passing.
My mind is cracking and crumbling.
I try to shake it all off.
But it all continues to get the best of me.
All my cries are silent, screaming within my mind.
Driving me mad.
But maybe that's just what I need.
To get mad.
To stop and take a stand.
This is my world, this is my life.
And I am taking it back.
The world is burning all around me.
But I refuse to result as such.
I don't want to be burned alive.
I stand and look all around me.
A tear drops from my eye.
I drop to my knees.
All is aflame.
There is nowhere to go.
The Earth is scorched.
Soon it will all be razed to the ground.
Oh God above.
Is this our fate?
Have You turned Your back on us all?
But, in my heart that remains to be seen.
I can see hope rising.
The sun has yet to set.
I still believe in the coming of a new day.
I'm still alive.
The Earth is scorched.
There is devastation.
There is desolation.
Still life blooms, even among all that is dead.
See it sprout out of all the ash that covers everything.
That gives me hope for tomorrow.
It gives me hope for today.
It gives me hope.
And strengthens my faith.
I still believe.


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