I am the no good one.
I am the no good son.
I am the no good brother.
I am the no good friend.
I will let you down every time.
I am unreliable.
I am untrustworthy.
I am the unloving.
I am the unlovable.
I am the unforgiving.
I am the unforgivable.
I am the forsaken.
I am no one.
I am nothing.
I am not.


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  1. Mental illness is a lonely journey through life.
    One that is taken alone.
    Not very much understanding.
    Not much love.
    But so much loneliness.
    Feelings may lie, but feelings come from somewhere very real.
    They are created, they are felt. They are shown.
    And when trying to deal with them alone there is not much one can do but to feel the feelings that no one will acknowledge.
    These feelings are just no good. leading one to feel "I am no..."


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