We think we are so righteous.
And yet, we commit the most heinous acts.
Oh, the evil that men do!
We all have blood on our hands.
We are the murderers.
We are the thieves.
We are the molesters.
We are the abusers.
We are the liars.
Our hearts are filled with anger.
We rage and we hate.
The world is burning and we set the fires.
We even stood there and fanned the flames and poured
   on more fuel
Smiling in the light of the flames.
Distorting our faces to laughing demons.
No matter what, no matter how, we cannot change a thing
   that we do.
We cannot take back anything we do or say.
Oh, woe is us!
We know not what we do.
Or do we?
Why do we try to hide all that we do?
All under the cover of darkness.
Skulking in the shadows.
Our evil will not come out into the light.
For that evil hates the light.
Why does the Father even bother?
When His children go so far astray.
Turning our backs on Him.
Blaming God for all the evil that man does.
Our mouths are open graves.
We will consume ourselves.
After all the crimes we have committed.
God still loves us enough to forgive.
Such pure grace has He.
To take away all our sins.
We are the underserving.
We are the unworthy.
We left Eden afraid.
Naked and alone.
Fear is what drives us.
Fear feeds all evil.
Fear will destroy all of man.
We will be condemned by the very sin that we alone created.
Father forgive me, by nature, a sinner.
I have done much evil.
I was the one who turned his back and walked away.
You never let go of me.
And now I see.
That I have been blind.
I have been a fool.
I don't know why You love me.
After all of the dishonour and grief I have brought upon
And yet, You still do.
I bow down before You.
I lay down all the burdens I have carried for so long.
And I lay out all that I have kept hidden.
Is it enough that I say: "I am sorry." ?
Such as I am.
Such as I have done.
And such as I have said.
Please forgive me.
I give myself over to You.
Please take me and do away with all the evil that permeates
    in all of my life.
I lift all of mankind to You, for I am still here, apart of it.
May Your grace reach out to one and all.
Before we destroy ourselves.
With all the evil that men do.


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  1. Please forgive me Father, as I forgive myself. I know that I am worthy to be forgiven, because of the shed blood of Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ.


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