I have drawn lines on my arms.
The scars that tell a silent story.
Of indescribable pain and anguish.
Sorrow, and hopelessness.
And a story of salvation.
All that I have gone through has brought
   me here.
It has prepared me for where I now am.
Given me the sight to see my strength.
I once believed none-existent.
Now proven wrong.
I once believed a man could not change.
Much less myself.
Again a still, small voice whispered to me.
Convincing me to arise and continue on.
No matter the hurt I feel from all my
From somewhere deep within.
Came the courage and the will to pick
   myself up and carry on.
And much has come to avail.
Enabling me.
When I now look at those scars on my
   arms I see where I once was.
I see where I now am.
From death to life.
For I was once dead.
Now brought to life.
Not of my own accord.
But the Spirit that resides in me.
I pray that I never follow those lines back
   to where I was.



  1. I have lived through hell and I so relate to this. I haven't cut myself but there was a time I just wanted to die. Now I look at my life and see that it made me a stronger person and only now can I enjoy being alive. Strength to you!

  2. If not for what we went through in the past we wouldn't be anywhere now.
    You stay strong too. And thank you.

  3. Do you know how rare it is that someone recovers from this? Less then 1% success rate! That means we are two to have been set free, out of millions who have failed!

    Our Lord is so awesome, what a privilege to have our Creator living with us... I never forget where I came from, yet I feel no guilt or shame, just a lesson learned & stripes earned, scars healed! The Lord built strength of character in me through that trial. I gained love, empathy, compassion, & mercy for other people, through gaining my freedom from that bondage. I think I am most of all thankful, that I was set free from judgment of self & others, learning to let go & forgive. Even at my worst, the Lord gave my life meaning by enabling me to help other people. Praise my Father God every day for his love & grace! Very best wishes, }]{8~D

  4. I think it was Paul who wrote that in his weakness there was strength, for the power of the Lord was upon him.


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