There is no secret to life.
At least none that was told to me.
Easy, life is not.
This I know all too well.
But why does it have to be so damn hard?
So many do not make it through.
Who is to blame?
Is there anyone to blame?
Why do so many never find what this life is for?
What is their life for?
What is my life for?
So many questions.
No answers.
It is so frustrating.
It is so angering.
The heart of man beats with rage.
It's no wonder.
When everything falls apart.
No matter how hard you fight to hold it
I cannot keep from coming undone.
All the frayed strings just snapped.
There I knelt, all undone.
On bloodied knees.
All scarred.
Still raw.
Look out the sky is falling again!
Oh no, not again!
How much more can any one man take?
When the deluge is never ending.
So many are so weary.
Nothing is sound.
Everything is broken.
The air is poison.
Like a hand around around my throat.
Squeezing slow.
Life is a battlefield.
The world is a minefield.
Where is the love?
Love is in tatters.
The white flag is stained crimson.
So it all goes on.
It all goes on again and again.
With no end in sight.
Not even a let up.
A cease fire is a thing of a child's
Even he knows it's all so hopeless.
What was beautiful is now scorched.
Memories all bleed red.
I cannot accept any of this.
There has to be something more to this
Something worth fighting for.
Something worth living for.
Something worth believing in.
Jesus, are You still there?
We all are looking for You.
We all are waiting for You.
Please come and save Your brothers and
We have a need only You can meet.
Please save us from ourselves.
There isn't a moment to lose.
Everything is pulled so taught.
Everything is pulled so thin.
See it all fray more and more.
It's close to separating again.
Maybe this time beyond all repair.
I am having trouble trusting any more.
All I have known is betrayal and lies.
Please do not let me down too.
I cannot take it any more.
Once is too many times.
And it has been way more than just once.
I have nothing left.
I am going down.
I will not be able to get back up.
Not this time.
I just have not the strength left.
I am on empty.
I am on fumes.
But I am still holding on.
I am holding out.
Beyond all hopes.
A small measure of hope is all I have left.
And as long as I have that small measure
   of hope.
I will not give up.
I will not give in.
I am holding onto that hope.
Please don't let me down.
This is it, I'm all in.
All or nothing.



  1. All or nothing. The mantra of the serious and committed, of which I am one. I think millions of people feel the way that your poem describes. May God direct more to your blog so that they can see that they are not alone.

    1. To let people know indeed, they are not alone is what I firstly seek to do with what i write. Sure 90% of my poems are dark, they're mostly aimed at those who live those kind of lives. Those are the ones ignored by society in whole. The silent ones. And as long as I have a mostly sound mind and breath in my lungs I will do my very best to see that no one suffers in silence needlessly again. For it's the silence that's the true killer. No one should hide in their silence because of fear of ridicule, condescension, and judgement of those who should love and understand them.


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