I fall.
Hard, I fall.
I am hitting the walls of stone on my way
And when I hit rock bottom I smash right
   through it.
There is no end to this for me.
My throat is dry and bleeding from my
   cries turned to screams.
There is no air to slow me.
I fall faster and faster.
I reached terminal velocity a long while
I fall faster still.
I begin to burn and break up.
I become a fireball.
But I do not bring any light.
The friction increases.
The further I continue to fall.
Into a bottomless abyss I roar.
There will be no collision.
No need to brace.
The flesh begins to rip from my burning
My mind cracks and crumbles.
The dust flying away in flames.
The darkness begins to pull me down
   faster and harder.
Fear is off the dial.
As further and deeper I continue to go.
There goes my hope.
As my heart and soul break away.
I wish this were a dream or even a
I just cannot comprehend.
I cannot even fathom.
All systems begin to shut down.
As the pressure pushes down on me
Vital signs are faint.
I close my eyes to it all.
I become so cold.
Turning into a burning ball of ice.
I go limp.
I would rather cease than to endure this.
And there is no way of enduring this.
I disappear.



  1. I pray you don't really feel this way Scott! I've had days that partially seem to be like this. They are usually just an illusion of what the enemy wants us to see and feel. But imagine this being real and the reality of eternity. Ouch!

    This seem like the reality of Hell. But no hell on Earth will compare to the eternal Hell that is cast into the Lake of Fire!

    I'm so glad Christ our Lord has spare us from this damnation!

  2. Just an expression of past feelings and emotions. Although very real, not literal.
    I do believe in the hope I have, it's all I've got.

  3. I can relate to this n understand this type of feeling very well................but yes happy that its ur past feeling not present


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