I will rise.
I will stand.
I will carry on.
I will go forth.
Against the driving wind.
Against the mighty storm surge.
Against the roaring wind.
I will not fear.
I will not sojourn long.
Onward, ever onward.
Upward, ever upward.
Not waiting for the passing of the ever passing moment.
I will push through.
I will fight on.
No one will get in my way.
Nothing will stop me.
I will not bend.
I will not break
For One goes before me.
He walks beside me.
He watches my back.
He watches over me.
The race, I will run.
Never ceasing till I cross the finish line.
Everlasting and eternal life with my King and Lord will be my reward.
The Kingdom of Heaven will be mine.
I will will.


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