I fall away.
I go my own way.
I follow my mind.
That's where I get lost every time.
My mind is corrupted.
Broken and confused.
I fall into frustration.
So many questions.
All at once.
It is enough to drive me insane.
Then again, I am already there.
I am my own foolishness.
 I fall away again.
Will I ever learn?



  1. God put each one of us here on Earth for a reason. To honour and glorify Him.
    We do that by obedience, trusting in Him alone, believing in His perfect will, and waiting on Him.
    But we all have fallen so far away from what God has willed for us it's an amazement that He still bothers and loves us.
    Thank You Lord for Your grace.
    For we are saved by grace alone, not by anything we have said or done. He chose us, calling us His children.
    We owe everything to Him, we belong to Him.
    Oh when will man ever learn?

  2. Very nice comment you have made to your poem. So encouraging and so strong.


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