Where there is hope, there is life.
Hope grows, hope rises, hope soars.
When you are down it's hope that whispers,
   "Give it one more try."
Hope is the air that will lift your wings.
Hope is what takes you up far above 
   all of the heavens.
Higher than even the angels can go.
Hope will also keep you grounded.
Hope will take you wherever you need to go.
Hope is the oxygen you need to breathe.
Hope sustains you.
Hope quenches all thirst.
Hope catches each tear that falls.
Hope gives you the will to carry on.
Hope believes in you even when you do not.
Hope brings comfort to any pain.
Hope brings healing to all harms and hurt.
Hope gives you the strength to press forward,
   on and on.
Hope is all we have.
We would be lost without it.
Out in the middle of a barren desert plain.
Hope is the candle burning in the window.
That guides us back home.
Hope never gives up.
Hope always believes.
Hope is in the faith that is in love.
Love is the greatest, but hope gets us there.
You can hold onto hope.
Hope will never let you down.


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