Inside I was suffering.
But you didn't know that.
Because you left me out.
You left me behind.
I wonder if you even cared.
Did you ever really care.
You just could not see past yourself.
Trapped in your own little world.
As I was in mine.
But, somehow I was all to blame.
You pushed me away further.
You turned yourself inside out.
You just did not want to see life as it really was.
And still, I was the one to blame.
I guess you were a false friend after all.
You left me hanging upside down.
You bled me dry.
Cut me off for good.
Leaving me where I stood.
Your life went on.
Mine just sputtered and died.
I went into a spiral down.
The darkness of despair claimed me.
You were never there.
You were in another world.
Living another life.
I never blamed you for that.
I never blamed you for anything.
Till you came and cut me down.
Inside I was left hemorrhaging.
Slowly and painfully dying.
I was trying to reach out to you.
But you just cut my hand off.
Going your own way again.
As I was left there in a pool of my own blood.
I died that day.
You never knew.
I no longer care.
I've got my own life to live such as it is.
You are no longer needed.
Still, it hurts.
How can friends treat each other like that?
One is always left in a pile of rubble.
I guess that one is me.
As the weight crushes me.
You go on now.
Pay me no heed.
I won't bleed for you any more.
I will keep my name from you from now on.
I forgive you but I will not forget.


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