Waiting for sleep.
Tonight she's elusive.
I think my mind has chased her away.
Leaving me here alone.
Growing more frustrated with each 
   passing moment.
I call out to her.
But there is no response.
Now I am growing impatient.
I need sleep to be me.
Why does she hide from me?
Like the morning breeze.
Now I am growing angry.
Knowing I am chasing her further away.
I've scared her off again.
Spiteful and bitter she is.
I am helpless to her tantrums.
A slave to her notions.
She can be so sweet.
I welcome her into my mind.
I yearn for her.
I need her.
Oh sleep, where for art thou?
I am here alone.
Watching the minutes and seconds ticking away.
Knowing full well her world will soon 
    drift off to another land.
Leaving me drifting alone in an endless sea.
The imagination in my mind.
An occasional nemesis of mine.
Oh sleep, please come back to me.
Don't leave me here alone.
The dark is so lonely.
Night is so cold.
Sleep is my only comfort.
Sleep helps me escape myself for a time.
I fear I shall not see her tonight.


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